Social Coaching


Summer 2024
ASPPIRE provides social coaching for adults with High Functioning Autism and other social challenges. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to become participants. Our social coaching program is designed to assist participants in improving their social skills through facilitator-led group sessions.
Sessions can take form in the following ways:
– Social outings
– Group discussion
– Role playing
– Listening to guest speakers
– Other methods, depending on the needs of the participants
ASPPIRE’s curriculum covers a broad range of topics. Curriculum areas may include conversation skills, problem solving and conflict resolution, personal safety, self-determination, self-advocacy, organizational skills, and coping with anxiety and stress. Social coaching is conducted year around, but the topics offered vary by session. The program divides the year up into Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions, and participants can sign up for any they choose.
The following topics have been offered by ASPPIRE in the past:
– Healthy Cooking
– Healthy Lifestyles
– Fitness
– Recreation
– Sexual Health and Relationship Education (SHARE)
– Pre-Employment Soft Skills
– Personal Finance
-Other topics are offered, based on participant need
 Programs are held both in the ASPPIRE office and at a variety of community sites.
There is a reasonable fee for social coaching. However, scholarships are offered in cases of financial hardship.To become a participant, click on the button above to fill out the application.